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L'Escala is the home of water sports excellence

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Watersports in L'Escala

With outstanding views of the Spanish Pyrenees from its stunning white sand beaches, L’Escala offers the ideal opportunity for school groups looking to experience exhilarating and stimulating adventures.

L’Escala occupies an idyllic location on Spain’s Costa Brava coastline with several airports close by and a 16 hour journey from Calais. The lively city of Barcelona is just over 90 minutes drive away where football fans can enjoy a visit to the legendary Nou Camp Stadium, one of the largest in Europe and host to many important matches.

Staff and students can relax in this exceptionally safe and fully staffed resort, including a resort manager and beach manager. Chalet or mobile home accommodation is on offer, with amenities, Blue Flag beaches and the activities all conveniently located within walking distance of the hotel.

Free-time is taken care of with superb shopping areas and entertainment sites in the Costa Brava area as well as nearby cities such as the historic, Girona. A wide selection of cultural excursions is also on offer, including visiting the town of Empuries, where ancient Phoenicean and Roman ruins rest between L’Escala and the small town of Sant Marti.

With its Mediterranean climate, L’Escala is a year-round destination; we suggest visiting in May Half Term or at Easter, when the weather is warm and there is a large choice of outdoor activities.

Wider curriculum links: Offering superb adventure facilities alongside welcoming Catalan culture and medieval architecture, in an inspiring coastal location, L’Escala a natural link between Outdoor Pursuits and other curriculum areas, including History, Geography, Geology and Physical Education.

Pavilion's Watersports Tours

Pavilion’s experienced, skilled and qualified instructors can expertly match students’ ages and abilities, ensuring that all participating will benefit from valuable and exhilarating adventure tasks and activities all situated close to the golden beach of L’Escala.

Tailored activity sessions are designed to meet each group’s individual needs. Teachers can specify desired aims and objectives to the team.

Adaptable to each group’s needs, a diverse assortment of action packed activities are available to many groups, designed to challenge participants and give students’ the opportunity to push their own boundaries and reach their full potential during adrenaline-fuelled activities



L'Escala is the home of water sports excellence

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