Campsite Manager

Campsite Manager

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Site Manager

Within Carisma Holidays we also require a site manager to run our main campsite.  This role comes with a lot of responsibility in ensuring all aspects of the site and customer service are to the highest standard possible. 

The skills we require from applicants are they must have an excellent track record of customer service, be highly motivated and well organised and be able to think on their feet and able to solve problems efficiently.

Although you are expected to do the same duties as the courier role, you will be required to undertake the responsibilities of fully organising the onsite provision of our service to our customers. Clear communication and interpersonal skills are essential, and ideally a reasonable level of fluency in French is preferable.

There will also be various administrative tasks that will need completing when required. The site managers also work closely with campsite owners and the operations manager so you will be expected to report through correct channels at all time.

What’s involved?

As a Courier or Site Manager you will be responsible as the contact between Carisma Holidays and its customers.  We are looking for responsible people to work in France from early May to late September.  We also have a small number of half season vacancies from May to July or July through to the end of September

The job is highly varied and does involve a lot of hard work.  Equally the rewards are high in terms of job satisfaction, personal development and social interaction.  If you are looking for variety, responsibility, skill development and interaction with the public then this job will offer all that and more.  No two days will ever be the same.  If you need a strict routine then this will not be the job for you!  A high level of responsibility is given to all staff and in particular you are encouraged to manage your own time to ensure you can explore and enjoy the location in which you are working.  Our campsites are all on or near to glorious beaches!

You will need to be flexible and adaptable to be successful in an overseas position and you will be responsible for ensuring that our accommodation and services are delivered to the customer at the highest level of quality.  Cleaning and presentation of accommodation is a key part of your job and attention to detail is of the utmost importance.  Additionally you will be involved in, assisting guests, providing local information, liaising with suppliers and campsite owners and staff and organising the occasional ad hoc customer event

If you think you have the skills to be successful in this role please apply online by clicking the apply now button.  Due to the high level of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.

  • Job Information 

  • Company: Carisma Holidays
  • Vacancy: Campsite Manager
  • Category: Campsite Courier Jobs, Site Management Jobs, Campsite Supervisory Jobs
  • Dates: April - Mid September
  • Salary: Competitive wage and accommodation provided on-site
  • Locations:
    • France
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