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Crystal Ski Season 2011/2012 Assessment day help?

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Topic: Crystal Ski Season 2011/2012 Assessment day help?
Posted By: nathanhaha
Subject: Crystal Ski Season 2011/2012 Assessment day help?
Date Posted: 03 June 2011 at 01:41

I've recently been invited to a assessment day for the position of Hotel Host. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the process or any tips? I know assessment days have already started for next season so anyone who has already attended one this year would be very helpful!

Cheers :D!

Posted By: Bussey
Date Posted: 03 June 2011 at 18:19
Hey i attended the first assessment day, i also applied for hotel host and have been successful.

You just have to be yourself, confident, out going, friendly, positive and know your presentation/assignment well.. making them laugh always helps.
Make sure you also know about the company and your past work experiences, because there are numerous questions... but thats if you get through the first stage of the day.

Dress appropriately, guys in suits or black trousers and a shirt and ladies in black trousers and smart layers.


Let me know how you get on, i went on Tuesday and they rang me wednesday telling me that i got through and that ill recieve my contract this weekend. :)


Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 03 June 2011 at 22:35
WAHHOOOOOO! im dead happy for you!

What were people choosing for the 'pick any item from a hotel and sell it to us in one minute'? im really confused on what to pick and how to sell it aha! any help on that would be absolutely brilliant!

maybe ill see you in the alps (;

Posted By: Bussey
Date Posted: 04 June 2011 at 09:57
Thank you :)

Literally, people chose anything. Beds, chairs, shampoo, lip balm... anything item that can be found/sold in hotels. You just have to sell it, by talking about it... why its better than any other, what it consists of, and general information about it. Remember keep it to 1 minute and try and make them laugh. Don't make it too factual and boring as it wont be interesting...

What items do you have in mind?

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 04 June 2011 at 22:10
thats the thing, i have nothing in mind as of yet aha! i wanted to sell a weekly event, not an actual item, but i dont really know! ill have to prepare something this week ):! what did you end up going for?

did they ask you questions about foreign languages aswell? :")
thanks for all this! x

Posted By: rachel_321
Date Posted: 05 June 2011 at 15:39
Hi I went to the same assessment day and have been successful. It doesn't really matter what you sell, as long as you sound confident and don't say um, err, um too many times. They asked if you could speak any languages but only the resort reps had to do a language assessment (which they said didnt matter anyway). 

I think the main thing is to be yourself and be friendly and confident and don't appear too nervous. 

Posted By: Bussey
Date Posted: 05 June 2011 at 17:47
I ended up going for shampoo but made it a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner so that it was better than other changes. 
To be honest, it does say "pick an item" if you wanna be risky give it a go, but maybe try to pick an item. :)


Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 06 June 2011 at 09:32
i've decided im going for a bath robe! simple but effective! now 16 days to prepare everything :O!

thanks for your help! ill let you know if ill be joining you at some point :D!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 06 June 2011 at 13:20

I have also applied for a Hotel Host position, my interview is next Thursday. I too am struggling to think of something to sell! I was going to sell an excursion instead as I did email them and ask them to clarify and they said it can be anything you want! I'm so nervous already!

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:10
im really annoying now but i need more help ahah!

what kind of questions do they ask about the actual company? do i have to know it from top to bottom?
if i get the job, ill buy you all a beer! :D

hiii smuzza! mines on't 22nd! i feel bad for you! lemme know how it goes :D

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:26
I think they mean they will ask you lots of questions in general if you get through to the interview stage in the afternoon. Like any other interview I expect?!? Why do you feel bad for?? Don't say that, I'm scared enough already!! I want this so badly!! Hahaha. At least my interview will be over and done with before yours! I will definitly come on here and let you know how I get on. Are you going to Kingston?

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:28
i feel bad for yours is real soon and mines still 15 days away aha! have you done loads of research and that? or are you trying to just go with it? :")

i need to nail the one minute presentation! thats the most nerve rackring thing for me! and no, unfortunately not! im in manchester on the 22nd :U

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:35
I confirmed my date 3 weeks ago though so I have had plenty of time to get my head round it but still the same as you, stressing about the 1 minute thing!!! I haven't done any research at all really, I used to be a Travel Consultant for Thomas Cook so wised up on this sort of thing a little already. I have booked Monday off work so that I can prepare!! Think I'm gonna go for a bath robe too though. Was gonna sell an excursion but worried it might be a bit risky.

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:39
oh my days, you've been a travel consultant! why are you nervous? aha you'll breeze through it im sure! i bet i concentrate too much on the presentation, and then flunk everything else! tooo nervous! 

and yeah! same here! i were going to sell a weekly cocktail masterclass to be held in the hotel, but again, i don't know whether I could use that aha! hopefully you'll be able to shed some light for me once you've passed easily through it :D!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:48
God, I hope I do, I always mess up in interviews though, whatever the job!!! I get too nervous and forget everything I want to say, not to mention we have to do the presentation thingy infront of everyone else! Scary as hell! My sister already works for TUI so I can get some inside info from her about the company which should help. Have you picked yourself up a brochure? That might help you? Cocktail masterclass thing sounds awesome though! In real life I mean, not sure if it's right for this, it's so difficult to know what to do for the best.

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:51
you'll be fine! just take something to drink so the mouth doesnt dry up and it makes it hard to talk aha thats always my problem! ):! your sister works for TUI and you used to be a travel consultant! why is everything seem so peachy for you and not for me? aha! i ordered a brochure online, but it hasnt come, like 2 weeks later! ill have to order one now! im drawing spider diagrams and everything to cram knowledge in ):! 

i think im going to go something easy! that everyone has a use for and its relatively easy to get ):!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 14:57
It's not come? Yes I would order another, mine came pretty quickly. A spider diagram eh? I'm not that prepared, I'm sure they won't ask you that much about the company!! Just make sure that you have answers prepared for when they ask you to give examples of when you have worked as part of a team, when you have gone the extra mile (given great customer service)  and also an example of problem solving from your own presonal experience. Hope that helps a little! Just google interview questions and you'll find loads of crap! hahaha

Posted By: hannahwheaty
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 17:36
Hiya, I've applied for the Pepi Nanny, childcare role, and I have an assessment day on the 30th, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea about what will happen on the day, and how I make a children's mobile!!?? Smile xx

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 07 June 2011 at 23:13
my girlfriend is doing a childcare thingy with the mobile! and she emailed crystal and they said you get marked higher if you actually make the mobile! its the two colour thing right? eee good luck!

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 13:57
smuzza! is your assessment next thursday or today? :")! im still struggling! up to date wuith general interview questions but it says on the they advise you to look over the brochure, the more you know the better! im getting nervous!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:03
Hahaha, it's next Thursday, one week today! aarrggghh, scared! Look at there website if you can, there is also a section on here that gives a general over view of Crystal.

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:05
oh god! youll be fine im sure! i get the general jist of crystal, but i dont know if we're meant to know like how many hotels they have, and other things they offer  :")! hopefully youll breeze through and then shed a glowing light on it all for me :D!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:11
I'm sure they won't be asking if you know how many hotels they have!! You just have to show that you have taken an interest it what it is they do, what clientel they cater for, what types of accomodation they offer, etc. Don't panic!!!They will be more interested in you as a person rather than how much you know about them!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:21
Nathan there is another discussion on here called -Crystal Interview/Assessment Day.Its from 2009 (couple below this one) but someone has described what happens on the day. I of course will let you know all the details when I get back!

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:24
ahhh mate, top one! im gonna read that now! and cheers mate, always good to have inside information ahah! have you picked a favourite hotel you'd wanna go to yet? im thinking alpe d'huez  or austria! dont' fancy Italy again! :U

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:33
What for incase they ask that in the interview or just in general??!!! lol

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:34
both really aha! i know theres 4 crystal hotels and then them 'finest' ones! alpe d'huez looks decent though :D!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:35
I haven't been to Italy before, to be honest I have only been skiing twice, when I was a teenager and it was in Verbier, Switzerland. That is my downside for this job, lack of ski knowledge/experience!!! Hahahaha

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:36
Oh what the hotels that are owned and run by Crystal staff only? I have had a little look. Will maybe have another look! I doubt the newbies will be put in the 'Finest' Hotels!

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:38
hahaha good job you didnt apply for rep then isnt it aha! them guys have to take people take black tracks :U! guess youll learn quite easily whilst your out there! theres 4 hotels 1 in austria, 2 in italy and then 1 in france! Austria sounds pretty exciting aswell to be honest! at the same time, i don't care where i go aslong i get the job :") aha

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:42
That's exactly how I feel. Prefer the look of france, looks like it has better Apres Ski! I'm hoping that skiing is just like riding a bike, if I get the job I will prob go to a dry slope before I leave to 'brush up' haha. Def wouldn't want to be a rep. Not yet anyway!!

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:45
yeah, france looks top! ive just read theres 'bar specific' hotel host positions! WAHOOOOOOO! that should be alright! do you ski? you should board, much more exciting (; aha! no doubt ill be living in 'chill factor e' if i get this job! real snow slopes :D:D!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:48
Yes I think there are some limited bar positions available but they will prob be assigned in resort. Yes ski, haven't tried boarding, seen far to many people falling on their arses trying! I don't have a dry or real snow slope near me, closest is Milton Keynes and that's still miles away : (

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:52
i sure hope i can get one of them positions them! being a bar manager, i should be able to ahah! I think ski-ings harder, i can never seem to keep my legs together, at least there stuck to my board :")! ahhh thats bad! if we get the jobs we go out beginning november for the training before we start so hopefully we can get more time on the slopes then! :D

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:56
Oooh yes that would be good. Look at us talking like we have already bagged the jobs!! lol. This time next week I will know more! I am currently working in an office on Reception, it so far removed from what I should/want to be doing! I would love a bar job too, everyone prob wants that! Have experience in that area but not management like you!!

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 14:58
hahah i thought that! if none of us get this job now ill be gutted! at least we can chat about what could of been ey ahah! how come your stuck there if you dont want to do it? lets hope these jobs are the kickstart to a blossoming careeer in the snow :D! would you keep returning to do more seasons, like summer etc? :D

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 15:03
I have always wanted to work abroad but things have just kept me here. I worked as travel agent until I was about 20 then left the travel industry but been desperate to get back into it. (not agent work though!) I am now in a position to leave the country as I have no ties here. Was originally looking at cruise ships but that's bloody hard just trying to get an interview! I will be looking to keep doin this, season to season if I get the job! Never come back ideally! Whats your plan??

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 15:08
Ahhh i get you! how come you stopped being a travel agent? seems like a nice catapult into this kind of thing! Yeah i've seen them cruise ship advert things aswell! Was interested but it ended up being a massive con aha! So i think ima stick to dry land :D! We've got the exact same plan it seems! I worked at the Ibiza Rocks hotel last year and absolutely loved it, now i want to get into a company that does summer/winter and then back to summer! Hopefully this will be the start! either that or move to Aus and chill out everyday aha!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 15:13
Yes definitely. I just didn't enjoy Travel Agency work that much, you're still sitting at a desk all day and I hate that (yes that's what I'm doing now!) I did complete an NVQ in Travel and Tourism though so it was worth and I enjoyed that bit, will sneak that bit of info in in my interview I reckon! If I get that far in the day! I would love to just move away, and this seems like the ideal solution!! When I was 18 I went and worked at an 18-30 camp site in Newquay and had the best summer ever, work hard, play harder, that sort of thing!!

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 15:21
oh id hate to be stuck at a desk all day! i get quite bored easily, so i think a desk job will do my head in a bit too much :")! ooooft, thats a cheeky line to put in isn't! dayum, when i have something like that ):! aye, many many reasons why i dont want to be in this country so this is an exciting prospect! which is probably why i get so nervous about it aha! And if we do get the jobs, i guess it'l be the best winter ever aha! and if we get same resort, lets make sure its work hard, play hard!

Posted By: Smuzza
Date Posted: 09 June 2011 at 15:34
Totally!!! Hahahaha

Posted By: hannahwheaty
Date Posted: 10 June 2011 at 13:54
ah that helps! I was worried whether I had to make it or not, didn't want to look stupid, if I was the only one to make it! I don't know what to put on it thoughh :s xx

Posted By: VickyBaby
Date Posted: 10 June 2011 at 15:21
Hi Everyone :)

I applied last night for a Chalet Host Job and when I woke up I had an e-mail saying that I had been invited to the assessment day for an interview on the 29th June, Is anyone else going the same day?

Firstly, I didn't realise I would find out so quickly that I had an interview :/ 
Secondly, I am so nervous!! I don't have a clue what I have to do a 1 minute presentation about.  Can anyone shed some light on what its meant to be about. 

I really want to ace this interview, this is like my dream job!!

Cheers Vic :) x

Vickyyyy Babyy


Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:39
alright vicky (: congrats on getting an interview so quickly, now comes the wait aha! i've got mine on the 22nd eeeeek!

this is chalet host position! GOOD LUCK!

Chalet Host

Please deliver a one minute presentation in a welcome meeting format on one of the catered chalets that appear in any of our ski brochures i.e. where it is and what chalet services you provide., We are looking for enthusiasm and a realistic welcome meeting presentation that would make guests comfortable and informed about the chalet.

Posted By: nathanhaha
Date Posted: 13 June 2011 at 22:45

only 3 days! how you feeling? add me on facebook! -  i wanna know how it goes! 


Posted By: oxys
Date Posted: 20 June 2011 at 22:53
hey i am going for hotel host on 29th june too at jet set house too!! Good luck everyone hope to see u all soon sarah Tonguexy xx

Posted By: VickyBaby
Date Posted: 21 June 2011 at 01:27
Where abouts are your from oxys? You gotta travel far?
I'm guessing it's quite mixed then on assessment day 

Vic x

Vickyyyy Babyy


Posted By: katieking92
Date Posted: 22 June 2011 at 19:28
Hey, I've got an interveiw on the 30th in luton! Is anyone going there??? I'm going for a rep position eek!! does anyone know what sort of group tasks you'll have to do? Or if i need to know how to budget?? What should I wear?

Posted By: oxys
Date Posted: 25 June 2011 at 02:54
I am coming from Bristol! What about You? Tongue

Posted By: jackisted
Date Posted: 01 September 2011 at 16:43
I nkow this is an old forum board, but I've just booked my assessment day for next wednesday and cannot find any information on what the morning half is going to be like, I've prepared for the afternoon (somewhat presumptuous.y but I'm fairly confident/hopefull). Can anybody tell me what is involved in the morning apart from the 1 minute presentation on selling an item in a hotel. I genuinely have no idea what to seel or how to seel it. I thought about maybe a heated towel rail but can't figure out how to make it funny or interesting! Please help, I'm bricking it, it's so close!

Posted By: Egg
Date Posted: 01 September 2011 at 21:29
You can sell anything the hotel presumably sells; shampoo for example? On the basis that a customer had forgotten to pack shampoo it is for sale at reception for your convenience (or wherever), the shampoo offers blah blah blah blah... and is only £2.50 etc etc...

I don't know much about shampoo but that is a potential example.

The rest of the morning is made up of tests and assessments. 

All the best with the interview.

Posted By: beckyarm19
Date Posted: 01 September 2011 at 22:05

Hey, ive got the same interview for hotel host in manchester 14th september!! Anybody else got any advise or are going to the one in manchester?? xx


Posted By: jackisted
Date Posted: 02 September 2011 at 10:03
Tests and assessments? Jesus, I'm not looking forward to this. I panicked when I saw we had to bring a calculator and now my worst fears are confirmed. Thanks Egg, I take it they're sort of competency with numbers sort of tests and common sense health and safety ones? And thanks for the help with the presentation, I was thinking of trying to sell a heated towel rail to the hotel rather than customers, what do you think?

Posted By: Egg
Date Posted: 02 September 2011 at 21:03
I would think the best option would be selling a product to a client as that is potentially what you would be doing. Yeah the test are basically making sure you can add up, can think on your feet and have good customer service skills; but they will aimed towards whatever role you are applying for. The previous examples being geared more towards a rep. I guess hotel roles would be very similar.

Posted By: CowboyCraig
Date Posted: 06 September 2011 at 11:51
Hey guys, just applied for the hotel host job with crystal but due to so many people applying I was told I'd be put on standby or could apply for the chalet host job. So I've applied for the chalet host job and need to book a assessment day, anything should know before book it? if this message looks a little bad its cause using my phone to send it :) muchlove seasonaires!!! xx

Posted By: elizabeth
Date Posted: 06 September 2011 at 20:04
Hey all :) ive just recieved my interview date for Chalet Host !! its 29th september.
I'm mega pega excited for the place easy enough to get to,only im travelling from the midlands the day before and stopping overnight...not got a clue where to stop either :/ ???

Posted By: CowboyCraig
Date Posted: 06 September 2011 at 22:26
Hey guys ignore my last post, literally 20 minutes after posting it i had a[hone call from the royal navy telling me i had a date to start training this year, im so gutted i cant do another season but it means fulfilling another dream. For everyone else good luck on your coming season and more to come!
CC x

Posted By: kncurrie
Date Posted: 08 September 2011 at 11:44
Ive got an interview on the 13th September down in Surrey! Its for a standby Hotel Host as i dont have the experience in cooking to apply for a chalet host! i cant seem to find any information on what the interview is going to be like at all?! can anyone copy and paste the details of it here so i can prepare a bit better??! 
So nervous.

Posted By: Becky93
Date Posted: 10 September 2011 at 13:28
Hey Everyone! I've got an assessment day with Crystal on thursday for a chalet host position and I'm pretty nervous, I really want to get it! On the website it says all chef positions need to bring along a menu plan but I was just wondering if that includes chalet hosts as well? Also as you've all probably had yours by now, did they ask you anything about how to cook certain dishes?
Thanks in advance for your help :) x

Posted By: Love_to_ski87
Date Posted: 08 July 2012 at 23:35
Hello, from seeing you guys have completed your season as a hotel host, I just wondered if you could tell me what's its like please? Did you have a great time? x

Posted By: Love_to_ski87
Date Posted: 08 July 2012 at 23:35
Hello, from seeing you guys have completed your season as a hotel host, I just wondered if you could tell me what's it was like please? Did you have a great time? x

Posted By: Bussey
Date Posted: 01 August 2012 at 13:32
To everyone this applies to.

This winter I completed a ski season with Crystal as a hotel host in Alpe D' Huez.
I confirmed today that I am returning again to this resort as a host.
If anyone has also confirmed their country/location and has any questions or concerns, drop me a message on here as Ill be more than happy to help.

I am counting the weeks down until I fly out in November again.

Posted By: baldy1491
Date Posted: 03 August 2012 at 13:56
I have recently been offered a job interview for a resort rep on the 3rd of september... I have been to a crystal ski interview day before but for the chalet host job (I was unsuccessful) so I know the procedure but I was just hoping to find someone who had been for the resort rep job interview and what questions/question papers you get. If anyone can help me I would be very very very grateful.. please reply to this ad or message me privately....
many thanks 
Louis Baldwin :).


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