WorkASeason Cookery Course

WorkASeason Cookery Course

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Learn the tools to be a chalet host...

In 2013 we launched our cookery course, aimed at encouraging and training potential Chalet Staff so that they can gain the most from their season. In 2017 our courses sold out in record time so we are now taking bookings for our 2018 cookery courses, running weekly from the 18th June - 16th October 2018.

Our course offers

  • Training in kitchen management, knife skills and food awareness
  • Theory modules and guidance in catering for specialist diets
  • Timekeeping and time management skills
  • Qualified and specialist chef trainer
  • Practical training in food hygiene awareness
  • A good grounding for a future career in catering
  • The skills you need to cook and run your own chalet

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