Educational Program Coordinator

Educational Program Coordinator

Job Details

You will be on the front line providing exceptional support to all of our students. Living in the Global Pre-Meds house in the Dominican Republic alongside the students, you will be a counsellor, travel guide, friend and teacher all rolled into one.

You will be expected to get involved with all aspects of the program, which will include:

  • Communicating our COVID-19 health and safety protocols;
  • Ensuring adherence to these protocols, including leading by example;
  • Organising games and activities at our guesthouse;
  • Chaperoning students to the beach and on our weekend sailing trip;
  • Liaising with the doctors who mentor our students;
  • Airport transfers and coordinating arrival and departure days;
  • Being a friend to all students and giving them the support they need.

Although you will have specific duties and responsibilities as outlined above, the nature of the role means you will also be responding to different situations as they arise. It’s worth noting that this role is a live-in role so you will not have set working hours and your time off will change from week to week.

Above all else, we are looking for someone who will truly care about our students and so will go above and beyond to make sure they have the time of their lives.

You will have some experience in customer service and you may have previously held a similar position such as being a Camp Counsellor.

You will be confident communicator with a natural flair for customer service.

You will receive a competitive salary and flights, accommodation and travel insurance will all be included.

  • Job Information 

  • Company: Global Pre-Meds
  • Vacancy: Educational Program Coordinator
  • Category: Activity Leader Jobs, Camp Counsellor Jobs, Summer Camps USA Jobs
  • Dates: 22 May 2021 - 12 Sep 2021
  • Locations:
    • Dominican Republic
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