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25 July 2023

Post-Brexit Update: Looking to work a ski season in Europe

So exciting that you’re looking into working a season and experiencing all the mountains have to offer!! As a UK citizen, you may be thinking about options in Europe including France, Austria and Switzerland. We’ll be reviewing a few key pieces to help you

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New Summer Programme 2010!

14 April 2010

Concordia has just released the new summer programme 2010 with more than 1500 projects available!

They’re already working as instructors!

26 March 2010

It’s just two weeks since they passed their BASI Level 2 qualifications and they’re already working as instructors!

100% success rate

26 March 2010

100% success rate for the OnTheMountain Pro 2009/10 students !

Finding Work on your Australia Gap Year

01 March 2010

If you are planning on a working holiday visa for your gap year in Australia, and you want to find out the most exciting gap year jobs, check out these ideas from

Fitness Holidays on the rise

26 February 2010

Millions of people made themselves a promise for 2010! Get healthy and fit. really go for it, work out, spend more time outside and get ready for a sexy summer in 2010... But guess what

New NUS portal recruiting reps

14 January 2010

Kaboosh is the new music and lifestyle portal from NUS where you can win record deals, enter fantastic competitions and loads more.

Trainees find work in Egypt

12 January 2010

Customers who trained to become Dive Instuctors with us in Egypt have gone on to find full-time employment as scuba Instructors.

Backpackers freed by Brazil High Court

22 December 2009

Don't try to defraud a travel insurance company!