Environmental Management Internship on Colombia's Caribbean Coast

Environmental Management Internship on Colombia's Caribbean Coast

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Immerse yourself in South American culture while developing your skills in project management, recycling, education, and environmental protection! 

Recycling is still an overlooked subject in rural areas of South America; garbage is often dumped in the countryside or on beaches. Working with local leaders who have a strong will to bring change to their communities is one of the best ways to successfully bring down environmental pollution levels in developing countries. 

Alongside NGO Taxi, you will visit local companies, restaurants, and schools where you will raise awareness of environmental issues through educational workshops and clean-up events. In the evenings, you will have team meetings to prepare for the next day's objectives, often with volunteers from all over the world. You'll also be in close contact with the local people, who have so much to teach you! 

Typical project work includes:

  • Gathering information about recycling processes in nearby cities. 
  • Developing and implementing recycling strategies for local businesses, and monitoring data on these strategies.
  • Designing community and school workshops around environmental awareness and recycling initiatives.
  • After-school supervision and helping with children's homework. 
  • Organizing and promoting community clean-up events. 
  • Working and assisting in the projects own recycling-based shop. 

This program comes with a FREE intensive Spanish course that will prepare you for your project tasks.

Join us in Colombia to help fight against environmental pollution and gain invaluable skills in environmental management! 

  • Placement Information 

  • Company: NGO Taxi
  • Vacancy: Environmental Management Internship on Colombia's Caribbean Coast
  • Category: Conservation projects, Environmental Work
  • Dates: Year round, starting on the first and third Friday of each month.
  • Cost: From 965£
  • Support in place: 24/7 in-country support.
  • Age limit: 20+
  • Included with this placement
    • Airport Pickup
    • Accommodation
    • Company Representative
  • Locations:
    • Colombia
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