Volunteer & Protect Ocean Wildlife in Ecuador

Volunteer & Protect Ocean Wildlife in Ecuador

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Help us protect the coast of South America and endangered sea turtles from the devastation of plastic pollution! At NGO Taxi's Surf & Help Camp, you will rescue and rehabilitate injured marine wildlife, bring our amazing ocean reefs back to life, oversee local educational initiatives to stop plastic pollution, and learn to surf in one of South America’s best surf spots!

The Surf & Help Camp aims to rescue seabirds, sea turtles, whales, and other marine life that has been affected by ocean pollution - the goal is to release these animals back into their natural habitats. We also work to educate local communities about the dangers of plastic pollution and strengthen their bond with the surrounding environment. 

A typical day involves a morning filled with project work, followed by an afternoon of polishing your Spanish skills in our FREE intensive Spanish course or surfing and learning tricks from local competition winners. The evenings are yours to relax and enjoy the barbecue at camp, soak in the dazzling sunset, and stargaze on the beach next to a campfire. 

Typical project work includes:

  • Assisting the Ecuadorian Ministry for the Environment - location, rescue, and relocation of stranded or injured marine wildlife.
  • Observe sea turtle breeding areas and check nests for eggs. 
  • Build structures to protect nesting areas and baby sea turtles.
  • Cleaning/repairs at the local aquarium, feeding animals. Occasional assistance in the animals' medical treatment may be needed.
  • Design books, fliers, and posters for children in the local community with the goal of educating them on the unique and special environment they live in. 
  • Co-organize workshops for children and adults on the environment and how they can act to protect it and avoid plastic pollution.
  • Project monitoring and reporting.

Join us in protecting our precious ocean wildlife while immersing yourself in the amazing vibe and rich culture of Ecuador! 

  • Placement Information 

  • Company: NGO Taxi
  • Vacancy: Volunteer & Protect Ocean Wildlife in Ecuador
  • Category: Conservation projects, Marine Conservation, Wildlife
  • Dates: Year round, starting on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
  • Cost: From 965£
  • Support in place: 24/7 in-country support.
  • Age limit: 18+
  • Included with this placement
    • Airport Pickup
    • Accommodation
    • Company Representative
  • Locations:
    • Ecuador
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