Watersports coach at Summer Camp

Watersports coach at Summer Camp

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Teaching watersports at camp can involve anything from teaching basic skills in the shallows of the camp lake, to teaching more advanced sailors on larger lakes or the ocean. Water sport coaches will be developing and enhancing children’s confidence, skills and proficiency on the water throughout the summer.

Broad knowledge and plenty of patience are important for coaching the varied abilities. Your responsibilities may also include the maintenance and upkeep of the camp’s equipment.

Awards that strengthen an application include BCU UKCC Awards, BCU Star Awards and those which are part of the RYA sailing scheme. Lifeguard qualifications (RLSS, NPLQ etc) are often also required. Waterfront staff are generally asked to arrive early at camp in order to undergo special training to get you comfortable in your position.

Summer Camp USA:

BUNAC has teamed up with CIEE to bring you Summer Camp Exchange USA!

Summer camps are an American tradition and having international staff brings variety, personality and new skills to camp. Spend 8-10 weeks working and living in an idyllic camp setting with children aged 6-16 in an activity instructing role.

Spending the summer at camp is a fun and rewarding way to spend a summer outdoors, teaching an activity you love. After camp ends you have up to 30 days to travel and explore the USA.

When do I apply?

Now! Camps are hiring every day and positions are very competitive. To fast track your application, come along to one of our camp events in Bristol, Manchester and London. We'll be holding info sessions, camp interviews and application clinics to help you get ready for camp in one day! Visit the BUNAC website to find out more.

As well as our legendary Camp Fairs, we will also proudly be holding our Virtual Fair on 14th November 2018. Chat to Camp Directors on Skype and get hired for an amazing summer job!

Don't miss out on a summer to remember - call us on 020 787 9570 to book today!

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