Queenstown, New Zealand

“The adventure capital of the world”, Queenstown has had this reputation since the invention of bungee jumping in the 1980s on the Kawarau Bridge on the outskirts of Queenstown. Not only does Queenstown now have 3 bungee jump sites but is now the home to numerous skydiving, jet boating, white water rafting , heli-biking, heli-skiing, river boarding, sight seeing, paragliding, hand gliding, hiking, horseback riding, quad biking and off-road motor biking companies.

That is just the tip of the iceberg though because in the winter not only are you still able to do most of the activities listed above you can rip it up on the many slopes surrounding Queenstown. The resorts in the immediate vicinity are Coronet Peak and the Remarkables, and this is where we do our training. Coronet Peak is where the majority of the training is given. With incredible views and guaranteed snow from the 141 snow cannons, Coronet Peak is the perfect place to train. The Remarkables provides us with the quality terrain needed for the freestyle and avalanche awareness training. As you can guess by the name the Remarkables are, well rather remarkable. It was named after early settlers could only describe the mountains as remarkable after seeing them at a sunset one evening, which we highly recommend you do.

Queenstown isn't just about adventure and adrenalin though. It's also about food and drink. With too many bars and restaurants to count you have a wide variety of choices. From fast food chains to traditional New Zealand restaurants and your average pub to cocktail lounges you'll be able to find what you want in Queenstown, 'no worries'.


Vacancies within 20 miles of Queenstown

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