Conservation work in the Grand Canyon

There are two things you have to do when visiting the Grand Canyon. The first is to just stand on the side and look. The second is to hike into the canyon itself. There are loads of trails running down from the north and south rims, and by actually descending into the great crater you really get a sense of how immense it is.

I was lucky enough to spend the summer working in the park through BUNAC’s Volunteer USA programme. The programme involves doing conservation work in some of the USA’s most spectacular National Parks, including the Grand Canyon. I did two projects in the Canyon (one in the north, one in the south), and worked some of the most popular and scenic trails in the park. I can truly say that it is the most amazing place I’ll ever work; it’s not often you get a canyon outside your office window everyday!

The Grand Canyon is on everyone’s list of places to visit, but to actually get the chance to camp and work in the park itself is a unique and special experience. I had an amazing time working there, and feel that in some small way, I contributed to the upkeep and preservation of the park. I worked with some amazing people on the Volunteer USA programme, made some great friends and had the time of my life. I’ll definitely go back again some day to admire our work!

The Grand Canyon

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