Earn 20-30AUD per Hour in Australia

Earn 20-30AUD per Hour in Australia

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If you plan to travel in Australia for an extended period or even plan on moving there for a working holiday, getting yourself organised when you arrived can be daunting! Especially if you don't already have some friends or family to help soften the landing. This package is an excellent way for you to arrive smoothly, meet some new people and organise yourself ready for work or travel with things like a bank account and assistance with finding a job already done for you!

Australia is a land of contrasts and dramatic scenery, from the endless desert plains to tropical rainforests. As one of the world's 12 "mega-diverse" countries, with high levels of endemism, it is a must for anyone with an interest in travel and conservation. Australia is the oldest, flattest, and lowest of Earth's landmasses. It is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, and boasts 34,218 km of coastline. The Great Barrier Reef, which extends for 2,000km, lies off the northeast coast. Being the world's 6th largest country, Australia encompasses a wide array of habitats, ranging from arid desert, to temperate forest, to savannah grassland, to tropical rainforest. 40% of the country is classified as semi-arid desert and covered with sand dunes, with the country's only fertile soils being found in the more temperate southeast and south-west corners. 


  • Welcome to Sydney tour including Sydney highlights, catamaran cruise on the bay, sandboarding, trip to Port Stephens, dolphin cruise and more
  • Airport shuttle transfer
  • Accommodation in one of Melbourne's best hostels
  • 12 month job service with Travellers at Work
  • CV review service
  • Aussie bang account
  • Tax File Number (IN number) application assistance
  • Aussie SIM card
  • Australian Harvest Work Guidebook
  • Free internet at our Sydney office!
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol course (essential for any hospitality work)
  • Tax refund and superannuation advice

This introductory package is available starting in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns or Brisbane.

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