Media, Photography and Film Role in the USA

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What does a photography or videography instructor do?

Every day at summer camp is different and brings something new. There’s more action going on than the latest Hollywood blockbuster and it’s up to the media team to capture it all.

During the day there is often a bit of variety to your role, from running week-long photography and videography sessions with the campers to running about yourself - capturing the kids at their activities. It's down to the media team to give Mom and Dad at home a window into camp life.

Most photographers at camp opt to bring their own DSLR through preference, but camps will often have their own equipment for you to use; some even having drones and darkrooms for the campers to develop their work.

Photography at camp is fun and active, campers love being able to get behind the lens and you need to be able to explain and demonstrate the specifics of using specific digital equipment.

Why should I work on a media team at camp?

Photography jobs abroad are an amazing way to spend the summer and being the photographer is one of the most rewarding jobs at camp. Build your portfolio whilst immersing yourself into camp life, capturing the memories of campers and staff alike.

No-one else gets to visit as many activities in a day, join in and experience it all from a different point of view.

You need to be able to use digital editing software and be prepared to work into the evening, capturing the evening activities or uploading to content to the website. It is a creative role and camp directors are looking for someone who is energetic, engaging and hardworking.

Once you have finished at camp you have time to let loose, have fun and explore the wonders of the America.  Visit New York, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Las Vegas or the Hollywood Hills, whatever you want as the choice is yours! 

What you get with Camp Leaders:

  • A summer job in the USA
  • All inclusive return transatlantic flights
  • Food and accommodation while at camp
  • 90 days comprehensive medical insurance
  • Visa documentation 
  • Up to 4 weeks travel time in the US
  • The best customer care and support in the industry - all of the Camp Leaders team have worked at summer camp, so we really know what we are talking about!
  • The summer of a lifetime!
  • Job Information 

  • Company: Camp Leaders
  • Vacancy: Media, Photography and Film Role in the USA
  • Category: Activity Leader Jobs, Specialist Arts Roles, Summer Camps USA Jobs
  • Dates: Available before June 19th 2018
  • Locations:
    • United States
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