Water Sports Director

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he Watersports Specialty Director position at Pali Adventures is a supervisory role with the responsibility of planning,implementing and supervisingall of the activities within the Watersportsspecialty program(water skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding, wake surfing, jet skiing, motorboat driving, etc.) as well as the training of staff. The Specialty Directoris also expected to monitor the overall safety of all things related to the above-mentioned activities, including maintenance concerns, equipment integrity and general staff instruction while at the activity sites.The Specialty Directorwill work directly with the Program Directorsto maintain a highlevel of integrity while the Watersportsprogram is in operation.

▪Plan, implement and assess 15 hours of programming (3 hours each morning, Monday through Friday) each week for up to 34campers. ▪Report directly to Program Directors.

▪Attend Pali Adventures orientation andtraining(May 29–June 13, 2020).

▪Responsible for set-up and pack down of equipment when activity sites are scheduled for use.▪Relay pertinent program information to staff in a clear and concise manner.

▪Provide constructive feedback and guidance throughout the season to general staff during activity site operations.

▪Carry out daily activities and operations of Pali Adventures in accordance with the 2021 Camp Staff Job Description.

▪Other duties as assigned.

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  • Company: Pali Adventures
  • Vacancy: Water Sports Director
  • Category: Kids Activity Coordination, Children's Centre Manager Jobs
  • Dates: May 26- August 15
  • Salary: $625/week
  • Locations:
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