Work on a Christian camp this summer!

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Christian camps, along with being traditional summer camps will incorporate faith into camp life though services, Bible Study sessions and activities and will follow Christian values. We work with a large number of Christian camps, some which will be more focused on religion than others and how religious you are will determine which camps we send your application to.

Working on a Christian Camp is just like working at most other camps and if you have a religious background this could be a great match for you! Most Christian camps welcome staff from all walks of life and as long as you have an open mind and are respectful of the camp values then it’s well worth opening your application up to these camps!

Alison's Salvation Army Christian Camp Experience...

If you are Christian at all I would really encourage you to work at a Christian camp because you learn and grow so much spiritually yourself as well as getting to experience all the amazing perks of working at a summer camp. And it feels very rewarding have an impact like that on a child, to introduce them to God and potentially change their life.

What is Camp America?

Camp America is your chance to spend 9 weeks living and working on an amazing summer camp in the USA. You get to try something different, experience a new culture, travel and meet people from all over the world!

American summer camps love to hire staff from all over the that's where you come in!

We work with hundreds of different camps all over the USA and recruit for a variety of different roles. You can choose to work with the kids or help look after and run the camp facilities. Whether your sporty or creative and whatever your skills and talents - they'll be a role on camp to suit you!

You'll get support from beginning to end with your application, we'll find you a placement, sort your medical insurance, provide visa support, plus your food and accommodation on camp is covered and we include your return flights!

Our applications are OPEN so sign up now! 

  • Job Information 

  • Company: Camp America
  • Vacancy: Work on a Christian camp this summer!
  • Category: Activity Leader Jobs, Camp Counsellor Jobs, Specialist Arts Roles
  • Dates: 1st May - 20th June start date
  • Salary: $650-1200
  • Locations:
    • United States
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