Earn money teaching English in China

Earn money teaching English in China

Job Details

Are you a University graduate with two years continuous work experience? If so, why not spend a year in China earning good money, learning Mandarin, giving your CV a distinctive international flavour and having an enjoyable and fascinating year. 

We have links with a number of schools and Universities in China that are desperate for English teachers. This is not a standard gap year program where you will volunteer as a teacher, this is a proper paid job and you will be expected to work hard.

English is still the major international language and China recognises that to develop further on the world stage, the next generation of Chinese people need to have a high standard of English language ability.

Another major difference with this programme is that if we can offer you a place (subject to a CV check and interview) you will not need to pay Oyster anything apart from £295 for the Beijing induction course and what’s more, you will get paid £600 per month! Our fee for arranging the job is charged to the employer (your school) and not you (the teacher).

Expect to teach for around 20 hours per week (plus preparation and marking time). You will live in accommodation found by your employer along with other teaching staff. 

What do I need? Not much at all!

  • You need two years continuous work experience either before during or after university.  This experience is ideally in teaching or training and can be in the form of formal classroom teaching or in childcare through sports coaching  or volunteering with the Scouts/Guides for example. You need to demonstrate that you have the potential and ability to be a good teacher. 
  • Speak fluent English as your first language.
  • Well written CV showing your teaching and childcare experience.
  • Have a University Degree. 
  • Minimum of 120 hours TEFL qualification – we can advise you on how to get this.
  • £295 for the 3 day Beijing induction course. 

3 day Beijing inductionThis new induction programme is a great way to get to know Beijing and your hosts when you first arrive in China. You'll recieve accommodation, all food, a one day tour of Beijing and be given a more in depth intoduction to teaching in China.

OK, what’s the catch? Our only charge to you is £295 for the 3 day induction in Beijing. Other than that, there is no catch, there are no other fees that you need to pay to Oyster to participate on this programme. You will need to pay for a return flight to China but most employers refund flights on successful completion of your contract with the school. The cost of a visa, a UK medical, TEFL course and travel insurance will be more than covered in your salary (around £600 per month). Accommodation is included with the job and food is extremely cheap in China.

We are looking for Graduates with two years continuous employment experience to depart at any time of the year.  To apply please fill in our online application form giving details of your relevant experience for a no-obligation chat with our Destination Manager.

  • Job Information 

  • Company: Oyster Worldwide
  • Vacancy: Earn money teaching English in China
  • Category: EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher
  • Dates: Start in August each year for 12 months. Other departures possible
  • Salary: approx. £600 per month
  • Locations:
    • China
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