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Wednesday 08 June 2022

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Space for Adventure

When it comes to outdoor adventure, having the space to explore, discover and enjoy the great outdoors is a must – something that all our cenrtres benefit from.

Blue and Green – it’s all in the colour

The ‘green pill’ has been widely prescribed by doctors to those with anxiety and more recently, the ‘blue pill’ and being close to water has proven to have calming and healing properties. Immersing young people in nature, even for a short period opens their eyes to the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor activity and acts as a great motivator for them to continue to take part in similar activities when they return home, thus creating a healthier and happier group of young individuals.

Space for Activities

We are dedicated to offering a wide variety of quality land and water based activities that will motivate, inspire and challenge young people. For many, these activities will be completely new and it is important that your students feel that they are both achievable and fun. It is of paramount importance to us that we have the ability within our centres to offer these different kinds of activities and that young people reap the full benefits in participating in them.

The Best of Both Worlds

Water or land activities…. which to choose? Whether you want specifically watersports, predominantly land activities or both, we have a centre which will accommodate your needs. And at Buddens Activity Centre for example, you don’t actually have to make that decision as we have both! The large expanse of green alongside the lovely lake enables us to offer an activity trip that offers both a variety of fun and challenging land and water activities.

Buddens Activity Centre

Our newest centre - Buddens Activity Centre, we believe is right up there when it comes to location. Set amongst 96 acres of land in the beautiful Purbecks, it truly is an adventure playground with all the space to ensure we deliver a great residential adventure. We have used the area sympathetically with the natural environment to ensure that the feeling of natural open space is very much evident.

Buddens Best Bits

  • Located in the beautiful Isle of Purbeck
  • Boast 96 Acres of natural countryside to immerse your group in nature Huge range of challenging & fun land-based activities
  • Lovely lake for canoeing, paddleboarding and raftbuilding
  • Tented villages housing bell tents just for your group
  • Well placed for day trips to local attractions including Corfe Castle, Brownsea Island and Dorset Adventure Waterpark

Rockley Point 

Our flagship centre, founded in 1976. Based in beautiful Poole Harbour, Europe’s largest natural harbour, the centre uses some of the UK’s safest and most idyllic sailing waters and provides ample opportunity for young people to try new activities, immerse themselves in new experiences and embrace life on the water.

Rockley Point Best Bits

  • The UK’s premier provider of watersports training with unrivalled levels of instructor expertise
  • Dinghy sailing - students can gain RYA certificates according to ability
  • Kayaking, windsurfing and multi-activity sessions
  • Residential facilities as well as a beautiful sandy beach and beachside cafe

Poole Park 

Located on the shores of the UK’s largest inland saltwater lake, within minutes of arriving, your group can be on the water. Poole Park offers the ideal environment for school-aged pupils to experience watersports either for the first time or for short taster sessions.

Poole Park Best Bits

  • Shallow and extremely safe activity area
  • Best for introduction to watersports
  • Short taster and multi-activity sessions in sailing, windsurfing and kayaking
  • Affordable for most pupils - making watersports even more accessible
  • RYA certificated sessions available

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