Working your way to the top with Camp America

The experience that I gained from working at Kamp Kohut for 5 summers is one that I will never forget. In fact it is the number and range of experiences that camp gave me that will always be special to me.

As I was starting my 2nd year at Northumbria University studying Sports Development with Coaching, I knew there was only one option that I was going to work towards for my next summer break. My older brother had always recommending working at camp to me and I knew I would get there at some point. I spent my first summer break from Uni working full time in Newcastle and always regretted not applying to Camp America for that summer. 

Studying a sports degree I had already gained a lot of the credentials needed to be a Camp America applicant. I had already qualified as a Level 1 Football Coach and had part time roles around University departments to interact and teach children about University life as well as sport. Through various modules and placements I had the exposure of working with children in all kinds of sports, learning different coaching techniques, strategies and fun games that I knew I could take with me to the states.

Then there was the desire to actually build on my University experience and not just come out with the same piece of paper as everyone else. I knew I wanted a future career in sport and the time that University summer holidays give you, camp seemed the best and most exciting option to go and have a great time whilst also increasing my job prospects. That’s exactly what has happened.

I started my first summer as a ‘Soccer’ Counsellor (you’ll get used to saying that, as annoying as it is at first) and a cabin counsellor.  This meant I spent the majority of my day coaching numerous soccer classes to the different kids (boys & girls) and sometimes coaching teams in organised matches against other camps. By my 3rd summer I was the Assistant Landsports Director and later the Landsport Director. This had me running the full sports department with 25 staff members and 13 sports under my charge.

My time at camp has been incredible. I started off with the desire and passion of coaching children and finished with a love of spending 4 months in America meeting a number of new and interesting people from all around the world. Other than the pure sporting and career benefits that camp has given me I have also been able to visit places I would never have got the chance otherwise. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Boston just to name a few!


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