Technician in the French Alpes

Job Details


We are looking for bright, hardworking and organised individuals to join the Ski France team to help run our chalets in the French Alps and give our guests the best holidays we can. 

Summary of Ski France Offer –

This was a new concept to replace the traditional catered chalet holidays. It is primarily aimed at the British market but the same chalets will still be sold to the French market on a self-catered basis.

The chalets are ready on arrival with beds made, fridges stocked, ski equipment booked and lift passes delivered. We prepare everything behind the scenes so the guests don’t see us but we’ll be a phone call away for anything they need.  We will be providing them with the best possible service.

The guests can choose if they want the ‘contactless catered’ option or the ‘self-catered’ option.

Contactless catered – consists of breakfast, afternoon tea and 3 course dinner provided.  Most meals are already cooked (eg beef bourguignon) and just need to be heated in oven/on hob by guests. Some dishes need to be prepared by guests (eg goat’s cheese salad starter).

Self-catered – guests are provided with a checklist of things that we will purchase on their behalf from the supermarket.  We do one pre-arrival shop for them.


Job overview -

The maintenance technician is a multifaceted position. You will be responsible for a wide range of maintenance tasks, including snow clearing, emergencies repair and maintaining hot tubs & spas. Along with your team, you will be doing everything possible to ensure the guests have an excellent holiday with us.

Responsibilities –

  • Helping with start & end of season: inventories, snow clearing, clean/fill-up/maintain hot tubs & spas, helping with housekeeping (inside and outside the chalets), and ensuring chalets are ready to receive guests and being handed back to owners.


  • Technician & maintenance work
    • Conducts routine inspections of chalets to identify and address maintenance issues promptly
    • Performing repairs and simple maintenance tasks, including plumbing, electrical work, carpentry and painting, to ensure chalets and staff accommodation are in optimal condition
    • Monitoring heating systems (chalet, hot tub & spas) to ensure they are functioning correctly and efficiently
    • Coordinating with external contractors when necessary to address more complex maintenance needs


  • Snow clearing
    • Clearing snow from driveways, walkways and entrance to ensure safe access for guests and staff (chalets & staff accommodations)
    • Utilizing appropriate tools and equipment, such as shovels, snow blowers and ice melt to maintain clear paths


  • Emergency response
    • Responding promptly to emergency maintenance requests, such as water leaks, power outages or heating system failures
    • Assessing and resolving urgent issues in a timely and efficient manner to minimize disruptions and ensure guest satisfaction


  • Hot tub cleaning and maintenance
    • Daily inspecting and cleaning hot tubs to ensure they are clean, safe and properly functioning
    • Monitoring chemical levels, temperature, and water quality to maintain a hygienic and enjoyable experience for guests
    • Conducting repairs or coordinating with specialized technicians/contractors when needed
    • Tracking inventory of maintenance supplies and equipment and reporting any needs to the resort manager


  • Changeover days
    • Empty, thoroughly clean and fill-up hot tubs on changeover days
    • Help out housekeeping with chalet trash and linens
    • Help take out all left-over food out of chalets and everything that should not be there (eg if they are not catered that week)


  • Vehicle
    • Keeping the maintenance vehicle spotless and cleaned
    • Careful driving in sometimes difficult and snowy conditions


Qualifications –

  • Proven experience as a maintenance technician, preferably in a hospitality or property management setting
  • Strong knowledge and skills in general maintenance work
  • Ability to respond effectively and efficiently in emergency situations
  • Excellent problem-solving and attention to details
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to interact with guests and staff
  • Ability to work independently and as a part of a team, maintaining a positive and professional attitude
  • Working fast and efficiently under a certain amount of time pressure
  • Flexibility to work irregular hours, including week-ends and holidays
  • Valid driver’s licence (held for a minimum of 2 years)
  • Ability to drive confidently in snow conditions
  • Good English and/or French spoken skills


Work condition –

  • Based in the French Alps
  • 5-month contract under French law
  • From early December to end of April
  • 39 hours / week + 2 days off
  • Shared bedroom & bathroom


Please note you will be living with other staff members and are expected to responsibly maintain and clean your accommodation, fostering a tidy and respectful living environment for all. Additionally, a cleaning rota will be implemented for the common areas and you will be expected to actively participate and contribute to the cleanliness and upkeep of these shared spaces.

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