Just the 'one season'.....

Monday 30 July 2012

Added by: Crystal Ski

I started working for Crystal in winter 2010 as a resort rep in France with the intention of doing the one season and then returning back to the UK. Within a couple of months I realised that that was probably not going to happen as I loved being in the Alpes and I loved working for Crystal. I had regular chats with my managers about the opportunities within Crystal and they put me forward for my rep supervisor assessment in winter 10/11. I passed and went back to France in winter 11/12 as rep supervisor for the biggest team in the programme.

I attended a 2 week management training course in Alpe d’huez where I worked with the other managers, both new and returning, to complete a successful training programme for the reps, a plan for resort set up and training to provide me with the skills needed to prepare me for the upcoming winter.

When the reps arrived for their training I think it dawned on me that I was no longer ‘one of them’ and was now in a position where others looked to me for advice and guidance. I did find it slightly daunting at first as I had to make lots of decisions and hope that they were the right ones. I was conscious that I was leading by example and I had to find the balance between being a manager and a friend. You’re in a position sometimes where you will have to discipline in the morning and then join them for a night out later on; there is often no differentiation between personal and professional lives out in the Alps, which is where the difficulties lie.

At times when I did feel overwhelmed or needed reassurance I looked to my own managers who gave me great support throughout the season and helped me to further develop my managerial skills. The extra challenge of being supervisor has only added to my enthusiasm and passion for working for Crystal and I will be returning for the coming winter, this time as a resort manager.

Currently before I return to the winter I am working in the Crystal recruitment team in London, a new opportunity to enhance my knowledge on the company and employ the people that will help work towards the success of winter 12/13.

The reasons why I carry on working for Crystal are the opportunities, the support and the people who all share the same passion as me, I don’t see my ‘one season’ finishing any time soon.

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