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Welcome to the Season Workers winter resorts review pages. The massive resorts in France provide probably the easiest climate for finding work as you go, but the Austrian friendliness to foreigners, cheap beer of Andorra, and large immaculate Italian resorts should not be ignored. If you are looking to work as an instructor in Europe, you will probably find it easiest to get work as a foreigner in Austria where regulations are less strict than other parts of Europe, especially France.

If you are from the UK you don’t need any kind of work permit to get a job in the European Alps, or anywhere else in the EU for that matter. Working a season in the USA or Canada with a UK operator is only normally possible having completed a season for them in Europe first but finding work directly over there is not as hard as you might think once the Visa situation is sorted. All reviews have been compiled by riders and skiiers who have sent a season in the resort they are reviewing. For each resort there are sometimes extra features such as 'A day in the life of...' and links to snow reports and related info. There is also a messageboard for each resort for you to chat about going off to do a season there, find jobs and accomodation or get a first hand view on what each resort is all about.

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Chalet Host

With: Ski Miquel

Chef in a Chalet-Hotel

With: Ski Miquel

Maintenance Person

With: Skiworld

Copy of Experienced Chalet Host 2023-24

With: icebreaker Chalets