Working in St Christoph

St Christoph is a tiny hamlet, located in the Arlberg ski region of Austria. It is located between St Anton and Zurs. It is mainly made up of hotels and two ski hire shops, there are no shops or banks. While working there we lived in St Anton, which is much livelier, and definitely the place to be in the evening.

The advantage of skiing from St Christoph is the amazing access to the ski area. There were never any queue for the lift and it takes you straight up to the heart of the St Anton ski area ahead of everyone staying in St Anton who are normally still queuing for the lift. You can also access Zurs and Lech which are about 10 minutes away via a complimentary bus running from Alpe Rauz every 15 minutes.

At lunchtime the Hospiz Alms in St Christoph is always busy and you must not miss the slide to the toilets. In the evenings St Christoph is perfect for a very quiet drink but not much else. Its best to head down to St Anton, and if you have the afternoon off make sure you go via the Mooserwirt about 3pm.

This resort is brilliant if you are going to experience one of the best ski areas in Europe. However if you want nightlife too I would work in St Christoph but get accommodation in St Anton.

St Christophe

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Review added by: Powder Byrne