Activity Manager/Head Counselor

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We are looking for people with a sense of fun and adventure, a love of working with young people and a desire to have a great summer!

ISSOS St Andrew's and Cambridge offers high school students from all over the world (aged 13-18) the unique opportunity to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure in the historic and picturesque towns of St Andrews and Cambridge. Every summer we welcome students from over 60 nationalities.  Students choose one academic subject and one elective as well as taking part in a wide selection of evening programs, Sunday workshops and cultural trips.

The head counselor is responsible for the safety, security and happiness of all students at the summer school and in addition they are responsible for managing the other counselors. They report directly to the program director.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Liaise with program director to ensure the smooth running of the summer school

- Teach counseling staff their responsibilities during staff training.

- Supervise, manage, support, advise and mentor the counseling staff

- Together with counseling staff promote, organize and run the evening program activities, 4 o’clock activities and Sunday workshops

- Liaise with evening program venue to ensure the necessary equipment and set up is provided.

- Ensuring that students get to appropriate academic and elective classes on time

- Run the daily counselor meeting

- Compile daily meeting minutes and head counselor weekly reports for the weekly meeting with the program director

- Maintain incident reports including follow up with staff and students where necessary

- Deal with any student discipline issues in accordance with the ISSOS discipline policy

- Delegate work amongst the counselors on duty and ensure that these duties are fulfilled

- In the event an activity counselor is ill assign a replacement staff member

- Ensure that all students are back in halls by curfew and in their room by lights out.

- Collaborate with program director and head office to organize and supervise cultural trips

- Maintain the petty cash budget for the counseling staff

- Work together with the counseling staff and halls of residence staff to ensure the hall is kept clean, damage free and safe

- Respond and deal with any emergency situations e.g. Illness, fire drills, injury

- Communicate with staff any relevant student issues e.g. Medical, dietary, discipline, emotional

- Co-ordinate with sport elective leaders

- Ensure morale of staff by monitoring that staff get enough rest, time and days off, and that recreational opportunities are available to them.

- As appropriate, speak with students' parents

- Evaluate performance of counseling staff. Give praise and formal warnings to staff when needed

- Assist in evaluating the school with suggestions for the following season.

- Organize and participate in opening and closing day activities.

- Organize and monitor the activities of the Clan Cup including the Highland Games

- Maintain the cleanliness of the living space to which he or she is assigned.

- Maintain positive relationships with campers, parents and other staff

- Works to increase their own cultural competence and create an environment that values diversity

- Help counselors creatively solve student problems and develop an action plan for rectifying the problem

- Assist program director where necessary

Please note that these are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

If you are looking for a rewarding and fun summer job then this is it!

Full room and board is provided as well as a fixed payment.

Please note all applicants will have to pass a full criminal background check and be fluent English speakers.


St Andrews - June 27th - August 15th, 2019

Cambridge - July 7th - August 1st 2019

Yale - July 11th - August 5th 2019

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