Area Manager, Italy

Job Details

Venue Holidays are looking to recruit motivated individuals for the role of Area Manager for the 2024 season.

Ideal applicants would have extensive experience of working in the European Camping Industry and would have strong leadership and planning skills.

Duties would include but are not limited to:

To set up the overseas Venue Holidays operation. - Montage of Tents.- Opening up and checking of mobile homes.- Purchasing and distribution of equipment.- Liaison with Campsite Management.- Training of Venue Holidays representatives.- Responsibility for Montage Team – catering, accommodation and discipline.

To ensure the effective running of the overseas Venue Holidays operation.- An early season inspection of every accommodation unit in your area.- Regular cleaning spot-checks on campsites in your area.- Regular visits to the resorts in your area.- Dealing with direct or telephone inquiries from your representatives.- Liaison with the UK Venue Holidays head office.- Liaison with the Campsite management.- Keep company float accounts topped-up at each resort.- Keep regular and up-dated expense accounts.- Ensure that the Representatives keep regular and up-dated expense accounts.- Ensure that the Representatives complete the necessary paperwork for the UK office.- Ensure that gas and equipment supplies are maintained to the resorts.- Deal with emergency situations anywhere within the Venue Holidays operation.- To research new resorts for the following year.- To take photos of Venue Holidays’ accommodation and resorts.

To close down the overseas Venue Holidays operation.- Provide Representatives with close down instructions.- Ensure that all tents, mobile homes and equipment are cleaned before close down.- Storage of tents and equipment for the winter.- Demontage customer tents, Venue Holidays Receptions and live areas.- Leave mobile homes ready for winter maintenance crew.- Report to the campsite management prior to departure.- Responsibility for Demontage Team – catering, accommodation and discipline.

Venue Holidays would provide:- A competitive salary based on experience- Fully equipped mobile home accommodation- Full training- Company vehicle- Telephone, laptop and internet.

Please send an up to date CV to apply.

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