Overseas Operations Manager

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A key role to oversee the day to day operation of all our sites on the West coast of France.  Ideally you will have previous experience within the industry and be able to demonstrate excellent leadership skills, practical ability and attention to detail.

As a small company this role is crucial to the success of our summer operation.  You will be responsible for ensuring that our operation is “up and running” to time and to the extremely high standards that our customers have come to expect.

The role is very varied and very hands on, particularly during the Montage and Demontage  periods.  It is not a standard 9-5, nor is it a pen and paper only job!  You will need to be flexible and  able to effectively task and manage your team to ensure efficient working; leading by example.  A certain degree of practical ability is essential. We install, commission, and maintain our fleet of mobile homes ourselves, and some of your duties will incorporate aspects of this.

During Season you will be providing the back up and support for our frontline staff, ensuring that they have the “tools to do their job”, the answers to their questions and ensuring they are providing the service and standards we strive for and promise.  This will involve monitoring performance and providing additional training throughout the season.

You may on some occasions be dealing with difficult or demanding customers.  Attention to detail, professionalism and common sense will be paramount in achieving first class customer service.

A good working knowledge of French is preferential, and you should have excellent communication and organisational skills.


For more information or to apply, Please either telephone on 01923 287344 or email to jobs@carisma.co.uk  

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