Run of the house /Cleaning/Cooking. South of France

Job Details

The job requires good cooking, total care of the household including laundry and cleaning, and must be able to drive.  There are between one and eight people staying at the house at any one time. The couple will be responsible for household shopping, maintaining the house and tending to the everyday running of it. Accommodations will be provided (independent studio).  References a must.

Duties will include:

-Couple must be hands on in all duties including cleaning. At least one must to a high level, food prep, laying tableSepts and serving meals. 

-Maintenance of the large property inside and out, organizing and overseeing tradesmen for any repairs. Heavy gardening duties are performed by outside gardening contractors.

You must be:

-English or French speakers with at least a working knowledge of French

-Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience working as a professional couple

-Be extremely flexible

-Able to wash, iron and organize laundry, (this is demanding)


-Be incredibly organized and have a great eye for detail, identifying problems and problem solving.

-Reliable and diligent

This is a fantastic opportunity for a couple looking for a summer employment from mid/ late  June to Sept.

Couples with Winter Chalet experience typically enjoy this summer opportunity. Separate accommodation provided in a studio annexed to the guest house.

Salary is 700 Euros for the couple per week.

START: June 25 End Sept- 5th

  • Job Information 

  • Company: Collins Family Home
  • Vacancy: Run of the house /Cleaning/Cooking. South of France
  • Category: Waiting staff, Chefs, Housekeeping
  • Dates: July 1-Sept 1
  • Salary: For a Couple ONLY: 700 Euros per week
  • Locations:
    • France
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