We are John and Jean and not forgetting Lily our gorgeous campsite security dog! We were the couriers at Gigny-sur-Saône for the 2010 season, spending five months there, it was our third season working for Canvas.

The campsite itself is a really good one, the owners keep it to a very high standard and would help if ever there was a problem. The wildlife is fabulous - Squirrels, Ducks, Herons etc. We had 8 tents and 8 mobiles and they are placed in well-spaced areas and never had any complaints from the customers.

Gigny is situated halfway down in France so you do get a lot of one-nighters going on to places further down South of France, Spain etc. A good percentage of Canvas customers have been to the area before and come back because they like it so much as it is a very peaceful quiet and safe campsite, very good for families with young children, with lots for them to do but is also a nice place to stay for other campers that like exploring the area. There is a well stocked shop on site so you never have to go short of anything and free wifi!

The Burgundy region of France is a beautiful area to visit - it is famous for its wines, Beef Bourguignon and beautiful countryside. It has something different around every corner! Whilst travelling from village to village you are greeted by an array of lovely flowers lovingly looked after through the seasons. The weather had a bit of everything, sun, rain and wind but when its hot it is very hot!

It is a very good area for cycling with lots of cycle paths and places to stop and have a picnic. One of these is the lovely town of Marnay, it has lots of open waterways with an abundance of wildlife, Swans, Herons etc. It is so peaceful, you can go for hours without seeing another person! It’s only minutes from the campsite at Gigny. We used to go here often on our days off. Another nice place to go is a walk to the river which is about ten minutes from the site. It has a bar/restaurant where you can have a drink and watch all the boats go by, a really nice place to unwind after a busy day.

Tournus is a small town with a lot going on, it is next to the river and has quaint shops, cafe bars and an old hospital well worth a visit. Don't forget to get the earphones you learn so much more! Further down the road is Sennecey-le-Grand, this is another small town but has a lot of history. One of the places to see (and it’s free...!) is the SAS museum, it’s only small but very interesting and tactile for the children! It tells the story of a battle on the road in the surrounding area during WW2; We told all our Guests about the Museum and they all said it was very good. Also in Sennecey le Grand are the bigger supermarkets, Casino and Netto.

The area does not have as many Chateaux as the Loire valley...but what it does have are well worth visiting. Cormatin being one of them and the spectacular gardens you can walk round when you come out there is a lovely little coffee shop over the road where you can sit and people-watch! We had a really good day here as a Canvas customer took us in his 35 year old Rolls Royce Silver Shadow! It’s not everyday that happens! We felt like royalty as everyone was waving to us going through all the little villages! Lily has had illusions of grandeur ever since!

Chalon sur Saone is another nice place to visit. It has a beautiful Cathedral and plenty of nice places to stop and have a coffee. It also has lots of really nice shops and is where the nightclubs are. We never visited any. We are of a certain age!! When you want to go a bit further, Dijon, famous for its mustard and Lyon are both worth a visit. The local train station is in Sennecey-le-Grand. And Geneva is only three hours away! So easy to get to and a lovely place to visit, we thoroughly enjoyed that day.

And don't forget the wonderful food...you can have beautiful meals in the chateau on site with all the lovely ambiance that goes with it... or the Beef Bourguignon which you take two pans for...which John said was delish ...I am veggie!...and Lily licked her lips also! or then you can have cheap and cheerful at a place called Speed et Cool at Varennes-le-Grand not far from the campsite...this was a gem of a find! with fabulous French meals but at a fraction of the price...ie ten euros for a four-course meal! the staff are wonderful and its a good place to practise your French while they practise their English! If anyone goes please say John Jean and Lily say hi!

We went to quite a few local markets...the cheese and wine are to die for! but one of the best Markets and oldest...is Louhans...it is open on a Monday. You have to get there early...it sells everything and anything including ducks, geese and chickens! not good when you are a veggie...Canvas have been very good letting us take Lily...don't think they would be pleased with a few Geese around the reception!!

All in all a very a interesting place to visit...be it for work or play! We left with lots of lovely memories..and made friends with a lot of nice guests who we are still in touch with.


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