'Wild Packs helped me get the perfect summer at camp!'

Wildpacks helped me get the perfect summer at camp! The team are brilliant, they don’t give up and help you get everything ready on time. They are there to guide you through your application, interview process, visa documentation, and give great advice on what to expect at camp and how to get there! Without them I would be lost on where to start; knowing I had constant support every step of the way was reassuring considering I had never travelled as far as America before!

Camp is amazing. Camp is perfect. Camp is rewarding. Its this little bubble where everyone can be themselves and everyone just has love in their hearts. Its amazing to meet likeminded people whether it be in the activity you enjoy and teach or the group of friends you’ve always dreamt of, your camp friends definitely have your back! You get to care for multiple children who absolutely adore you and look up to you in everything they do. Its amazing watching them achieve things and come to you proudly about what they have accomplished in their days at camp. You get to teach them valuable life lessons and skills that they will keep for life! They love camp and so will you!

If you’re thinking of working at a summer camp but don’t know where to start, definitely give Wildpacks a shout like I did, its 100% worth it 😊!

-          Alakai

United States

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