I spent my summer in Maine

From the get go,the Wild Packs team were all so kind and from the various phone calls, you could tell that they are passionate about what they do. I had many questions along the way seeing as I had never worked at camp before, and they were answered straight away! Even when I got to camp, they were still there to answer any questions that I had. It was reassuring knowing that they were supporting you, every step of the way and even after. With their help, I ended up in a camp that was well suited to me and I’m so thankful. I worked in an all-girls camp over the summer doing paddleboarding on a lake with a gorgeous view. I made so many friends with the other counsellors who were also there on their own from all over the world! I now have friends from Mexico, the states, the UK and Spain. But, the main thing that I loved about camp was that I got to live out my own dream of going to camp (in a sense). I got to get involved in all the activities, ranging from water-skiing to climbing to horse riding, and even on a Sunday go to breakfast in my pjs to get pancakes and hot chocolate. If you are just looking for a change of scenery, a new adventure or to be a big kid (with some extra responsibilities), you should give camp a shot, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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