Fiona - Teaching English in South Korea

"South Korea is a fabulous place to live, I travelled the whole country while I was there, including a few of the islands. It is also a great base for touring Asia as flights are inexpensive and you have some spare time to take advantage. Hiking, paragliding, shark diving and quad biking are only some of the widely available activities at hand. I live in Ulsan and as a coastal city I also have a wide range of beaches to avail of and with the great weather and warm nights there are many enjoyable days to be had."

"TEFL has offered me more opportunities than I could have imagined, it has become my passport to the academic world and I intend to fill every page. If I could advise future TEFL students, all I could say is take the course and feel the pull of the world, take a chance and get a visa. Go for it!"

South Korea

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