Joshua Hodge - LoveTEFL Azerbaijan Teacher

Working in Baku has been an exciting experience as a language teacher. Transportation is one of the best I’ve ever seen in quality as well as extremely cheap

In addition, the people in Baku are extremely kind and helpful in trying to help you. The school in which I and my fiancé go to is Baku-Oxford School. They’ve been the most welcoming team of individuals we’ve encountered, and they’ve honestly tried their hardest to make us feel at home. 

Our hours are from 9am to 4:15pm from Monday through Friday. We’ve only been here less than two weeks, and we’ve already had two days off for holidays, something that is not uncommon so I’m told. And we spent most of the time sightseeing. 

The city is working very hard on creating a new vision of itself on becoming the next international tourist destination. In a few years it’s even predicted be competing with Dubai. A statement that now seeing the place for myself I must agree with.

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