Visas and work permits for travellers

Visa information

Wherever you intend to work or visit during your travels you need to have the correct permissions in place before you get there. If you are from the UK and are travelling outside Europe this will be some form of Visa – typically this will be Australia, New Zealand and / or Canada. If you are coming to the UK from another continent we have covered this subject also in the UK Visa area. This subject might well be a dull one but is as essential to your trip planning as proper travel insurance.

To help you through this process Season Workers have teamed up with the best working travel and holiday visa organiser we could find. The Visa Bureau is an independent consultancy providing visa services for all the major destinations covered on Season Workers. They have helped thousands of people travel and work around the world and process around 40% of all Australian Visa applications. We have selected this organisation based on their experience and expertise to make the visa and work permit process as quick and easy as possible for you.

Visas for Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations Season Workers covers. Travelers need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority visa before setting off to Australia. Similarly, you will need to apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa if you are interested in working short term in Australia.

New Zealand


United Kingdom