Which Visa do I need for Australia?

If you want to travel to Australia to visit, explore or work, there are a few visa options open to you.

Australian Working Holiday Visa

Click here - If you want to travel and earn money, the Working Holiday Visa is an immensely popular programme that allows young British travellers to live and work in Australia for up to 12 months.

Australian ETA Tourist Visa

Click here - If you're just visiting Australia, you can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) which allows you to visit Australia for 3 months at a time. You can't work, but your visa is electronically linked to your passport.

Australian 676 Long-Stay Tourist Visa

Click here - If you want to sightsee for longer than 3 months, but don’t need to work, you can apply for a 676 Long-Stay Tourist Visa. 676 visas are valid for up to one year.