Working Holiday Visas for Australia

The Australian Working Holiday Visa Programme is a unique opportunity for young travellers to experience what it is really like to live and work down under.

What You Can Do

Once your visa is granted, you'll have 12 months to enter Australia. After you enter the country, you can stay for up to 12 months. You can enter and leave Australia as often as you like. However, any time you spend outside of Australia cannot be claimed back against the 12 month validity of your visa.

In Australia, you're free to take any job you can find on the condition that you don't work for any single employer for more than 6 months. If you have ambitions of staying in Australia for longer than 12 months, you will need to complete 3 months of specified work in regional Australia.

What You'll Need

To apply for a Working Holiday Visa, you'll need to have a passport that is valid for at least 1 year from the date that you plan to enter Australia. If your passport is set to expire in the near future, it's best to renew your passport before applying for your visa.

When you enter Australia, you'll need to show that you have enough money to support yourself during your first few months. Usually, $5,000 AUD (about £2,400) is considered enough. To prove this when you arrive, make sure you travel with a certified copy of your bank statement, not one printed from your online account.

When you arrive, immigration officers will want to see that you have an onward ticket out of Australia at the end of your trip. If you're not planning that far ahead just yet, you'll need to show that you have enough money in your bank account to pay for a flight home or to your next destination. An extra $1,000 AUD is usually enough to satisfy this condition.

Health and Character

When you apply for your Working Holiday Visa, you'll need to declare that you are in good health and that you are of good character.

In most cases, you can go to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa even if you have a minor criminal offense like drink driving; public nuisance; or even minor assaults, provided that enough time has passed since your offence. However, you will likely need to go through a few additional steps when you apply for your visa.

If you are in good health, without any serious or chronic medical conditions, you will not likely need a medical test to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. However, there are a few exceptions.

If you plan to work in the healthcare field once you arrive in Australia, you will need to take a medical exam to ensure that you are in good health. If you are a doctor, nurse, care worker or might have to enter a hospital or health facility in Australia as part of your job, this rule will affect you. A similar rule applies to teachers, child-care workers and anyone who plans to enter or work in an Australian school.

Travellers who have spent more than 3 months in a row during the last 5 years in certain countries may have to undergo a medical test. This often applies to travellers who have spent significant time in Africa, parts of South East Asia.

Second Working Holiday Visa

Most people can apply for only one Working Holiday Visa - it is meant as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, the Australian government has recently made it possible for some people to apply for a second Working Holiday Visa.

If you work as a “seasonal agricultural worker“ in regional Australia for at least three months, you will be allowed to apply for a second Working Holiday Visa in your lifetime. This incentive is meant to encourage young people to fill demand for agricultural workers in industries like fruit picking, wine growing, fishing and farming.

How to Apply

There are two different visas to apply for, depending on your nationality.

417 Visa – Australia Working Holiday Maker

You can apply for this visa if…

You are from… You are aged… You are from… You are aged…
Belgium 18 to 30 Canada 18 to 35
Cyprus 18 to 30 Denmark 18 to 30
Estonia 18 to 30 Finland 18 to 30
France 18 to 35 Germany 18 to 30
Hong Kong 18 to 30 Ireland 18 to 35
Italy 18 to 30 Japan 18 to 30
Republic of Korea 18 to 30 Malta 18 to 30
Netherlands 18 to 30 Norway 18 to 30
Sweden 18 to 30 Taiwan 18 to 30
United Kingdom 18 to 30

462 Visa – Australia Work and Holiday

You can apply for this visa if you are aged 18-30 and you are from…

Argentina Austria Chile China Czech Republic
Ecuador Greece Hungary Indonesia Israel
Luxembourg Malaysia Peru Poland Portugal
San Marino Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain
Thailand Turkey Uruguay USA Vietnam

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