Aupairs will be expected to take full responsibility for a child or group of children. Home helps and what’s generally billed as aupair jobs these days will also be expected to do housework. Aupairs traditionally would also be learning a language but these lines have been blurred in recent years, obviously for a British au pair in the USA there will be no language element.

Spend a year in the USA with Au Pair in America!

Spend a year in the USA providing childcare, earning money, travelling, studying, and having the adventure of a lifetime!  Au Pair in America is a gre

United States
United States
  • $195.75 per week
  • Provided

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Let's explore new places. Let's inspire. Let's discover ourselves. Let's meet new people. Let's learn. Let's share. LET'S GO! Start the adventure of a lifetime with Au Pair in America.

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