Once you have taken a TEFL course most course providers will have given you a provisional grade to use ahead of getting your certificate. You can use this to get going quick to find a TEFL job. As with any application you need to detail anything from your past working or student life applicable to teaching English. A good tip is to mention any bits of the course you did that relates to the job.

In the UK the market for TEFL work is seasonal (summer months), whereas in Spain for example you can easily find work all year by switching from cities to summer school work. In Italy the summer is renowned to be a difficult time to find work and many teachers operate by the hour here. Generally speaking March is a good time to be applying for jobs although all jobs advertised here are current.

The British Council lists accredited schools which is always worth a look, or keep checking here to see the latest TEFL jobs posted on Season Workers. You might wish to qualify as part of your gap year and use English teaching as a way to spend time traveling.

For those who have already qualified, teachers are in high demand throughout the World but particularly in Asia and the Middle East. In return for your teaching skills, you’ll discover where to buy the best bok choi, how to haggle with a rickshaw driver, and how to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style! Korea, Japan and Vietnam are becoming increasingly popular. And if you’re looking for something a little different, South America is the hottest destination for teaching English. Head for tropical Ecuador, Brazil or Honduras, and you’re in a perfect spot to continue your travels.

Latest TEFL jobs

Oyster TEF Llisting
Train and Teach in Thailand or Vietnam - 120 hr TESOL certificate and job placement

Thailand is a must see for travellers across the world because of its diverse culture and jaw-dropping beauty. Could you imagine living in stunning Th

  • minimum of 30,000 Thai Baht a month
  • Not specified
NGO Teaching
"Magic Books" Project in Cusco

What is this project about?  The cultural project "Magic Books", through its volunteer project, has as its main objective to encourage and promote cul

  • NA
  • Provided

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TEFL Video Channel

Welcome to Oyster

Giving you an introduction to Oyster and all that we offer.

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Alice teaching in Nepal

This is a great example of what volunteers can achieve in lessons when they use their initiative. The work has been generated by cutting up the Oyster brochure and getting the kids to make stories from the pictures.

Watch video

A look at a Samiad Summer School Summer!

Watch video
Hangman in a Tanzanian classroom

This is a great way to break up a formal English Lesson. This game helps the children with their words and spelling whilst also allowing them to have some fun!

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