Becoming an English Language teacher in a language school is rewarding as it is challenging. English Language Teachers need to be creative and flexible in their approach ensuring lessons are tailored to meet the appropriate level for their students.

Summer Schools often have students with wide ranging levels of English ability and whilst, of course, classes are divided into different levels, even within a single class the varied abilities in spoken and written English can be quite different. This is certainly a challenge for English Language teachers!

Great organisational skills are required, as well as the ability to build a rapport with young learners. Summer schools offer international students an incredible opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world, and English teachers play a big part in breaking down cultural barriers and creating and environment where the English Language is used to bridge barriers in communication, and lasting friendships, crossing borders and continents can be made.

In teaching English as a foreign language, you can be part of memories that junior students (as well as you yourself!) will never forget.

With potential for progression, to positions such as English Co-Ordinator and Course Director, becoming an English Language teacher could be the first step into a lifelong career.

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