Seasonal jobs in Northern Ireland

Tourism is an important part of the Northern Irish economy. Tourism has risen steadily since the peace process took hold and is considered likely to become one of the main growth areas of the economy in the near future, which is great news for working travelers wishing to visit Northern Ireland. Temp job hot spots include Belfast and Armagh. While you are there you might want to get out of buzzing Belfast for a bit and see the Giant's Causeway, and Northern Ireland's many castles.

Northern Ireland, along with Scotland, Wales and England is part of the UK so British Work Permit rules apply.

So what kinds of opportunities are available for travellers and backpackers? For the best seasonal work, look in the tourist and service industries. Register with the agencies: key agencies in Belfast hospitality industry. Shops, bars and hotels often need extra staff – people to help with catering and childcare in summer, retail assistants, waiters and bar staff in the winter.

The camping and glamping sector in Northern Ireland supports over 6,000 jobs, many are seasonal and provide accommodation.

Latest listings in NI

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