Claiming Overseas Tax Back

Having an adventure in Australia or gaining work experience in the US or Canada is so exciting that the amount of tax begin deducted from your earnings is probably the last thing on your mind. We want to remind you that you could be entitled to claim back some of the taxes you overpaid.

Get a refund, not a headache!

Tax return procedures can be so complicated and confusing that dealing with them on your own can drive you to despair. Fortunately, you can rely on the professionalism and experience of global tax return leader

Getting your tax back

Do not hesitate and apply for your tax back today. The friendly team of highly-qualified tax specialists has been dealing with thousands of tax refunds since 1996. They know the trickiest laws of 13 different countries and will make the entire tax return process simple, quick, and stress-free. Start planning your next adventure instead of getting bogged down in complicated tax laws. You can get your tax refund wherever in the world you are.

With you’re guaranteed to:

  • Get the maximum tax refund you’re legally due
  • Be fully tax compliant
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What’s more, the team has designed an online tax refund calculator to allow you to estimate the approximate refund you could get back. The calculator is completely free and really easy to use. A few clicks and you’ll find out how much you might be owed.

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