Claiming Overseas Tax Back

If you have worked abroad during the past several years, you are most likely entitled to an income tax refund.

Information and advice on the subject of claiming tax back from working abroad is mixed to say the least. Income tax refunds for people who work abroad are available and there are many organisations that specialise in doing the administration for you. This involves filing tax returns with the aim of securing tax refunds. The services are generally open to all nationalities.

Tax Agencies

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Whether you’re a working holiday maker in Oz, an exchange visitor in the US, or an intern in Canada – you’ll pay taxes on your earnings. The good news is when you return home or when the tax year ends you can get a tax refund and get that cash back into your travel budget! organise income tax refunds from 16 countries for thousands of international workers every year. Register Now! customers receive average refunds of:

  • Australia = $2600
  • US = $800
  • Canada = $904
  • UK = £997

After spending money to live and work abroad, it’s nice to get money back thanks to a tax refund, and who knows, you may get enough tax back to pay for your next holiday!’s simple and secure tax refund service makes claiming your tax back easy. To get started, you can use their free multi – country tax refund calculators to see how big your tax refund could be. Then, all you need to do is fill out the forms then relax while their tax team organise your refund and send the money straight to you, no matter where you are in the world. The sooner you apply, the sooner you get your tax back, so apply today! Click here to find out more!

Check that the agency includes the following

  • The agency should estimate your refund for free.
  • These days its reasonable to expect that you should be able to track your tax online.
  • The agency should operate on a no refund no fee basis.
  • The agency should do the whole lot, including dealing with the tax office.

Payment documents differ from country to country

Foreign tax regulations can be very tough to understand, the benefit of using an agency is that in theory they will be up to speed with changes in foreign tax regulations and language barriers should not be such an issue.

Country Document
Australia PAYG
Austria Lohnzettel
Belgium Loonfiche 281.10/Fiche 281.10
Canada T4
Denmark Arsopgorelese/Oplysningssedel
Germany Tax Card
Gibraltar P7A
Guernsey Tax Deduction Forms
Holland Jaaropgaaf
Ireland P45/P60
Japan Gensen Choshu-hyo
Luxembourg Fiche de Salarie ou de person/Fiche de retenue d’Impot
New Zealand Final Payslip/Certificate of earnings
Norway Certificate of pay and tax deducted
UK P45/P60