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Anyone worked for JCA? Or Neilson?

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Topic: Anyone worked for JCA? Or Neilson?
Posted By: Nikadi
Subject: Anyone worked for JCA? Or Neilson?
Date Posted: 17 February 2010 at 13:03
I've worked for PGL before and ended up not going back to start a career etc. Having just given up on that (starting a career in this economic environment!) I applied to JCA this morning and they invited me to an open day within an hour! So, has anybody worked for them, are they good with connecting with TUI and helping you to arrange contracts for the end of the UK season and how are they with training, placing couples together, etc?

Thank you!

EDIT: Same goes for Neilson.

PGL Boreatton Park 08
Nanny/Mother's Help 09

Posted By: flower
Date Posted: 18 February 2010 at 14:43
i'm sorry to say but no there not very good at hooking you up or getting you quallies in anything! i took a fencing qualie with them only to find out at the end of season that it was juat an in house qualifaction! but if your looking to have an awesom time with fun people go ahead i loved my summer with them but the money is crap and head office need to get there heads sorted! they are very unorgnised! have a good year xxx


Posted By: Nikadi
Date Posted: 18 February 2010 at 15:01
Hm, sounds very much like PGL then to me! Great great lol Also been offered an interview for Neilson as of this morning so I'll see how that goes and what they can offer me in regards to qualies and contracts after season, etc.

Thank you for the input! :)

PGL Boreatton Park 08
Nanny/Mother's Help 09

Posted By: Polifonix
Date Posted: 18 February 2011 at 18:16
Yeah they're all much the same in my experience. Also remember that because you'd technically be on an apprenticeship for the first season with JCA, they only pay like 2.50/per hour. Lovely little loophole for them, that. You don't have a choice whether or not to do it as an apprenticeship either. Bit of a con really. You'd think with how busy you'd be that they could at least spring for ordinary minimum wage.

Posted By: Nikadi
Date Posted: 20 February 2011 at 10:52
I never ended up going to work for either of them in the end! JCA originally told me and my partner no, as he had his nVQ level 2, then a week later said yes, come to the training. We arrived, met some old PGL friends who said that it wasn't the £90 a week we were promised in the interview, but actually £60 a week, then put through the 'talk' from the manager who just went on about watersports instructors and how amazing they are (no wonder so many of them are p****s!) and then my partner got pulled to one side and told that he had to leave the next day as he'd lied to them about what qualification he had (we think he messed up and said the wrong name or something, but he handed over copies of his certificates in the interview and they declined us the job to begin with because of this qualie!) and so we both left the next day. They wouldn't even help him pay for his £80 ticket home or give him a lift to the train station.

We later found out that half of the watersports instructors left during the training period so he could have easily taken one of those roles (paddlesports role) had they not mentioned anything and just kept us there.

PGL Boreatton Park 08
Nanny/Mother's Help 09

Posted By: Alex123
Date Posted: 23 December 2012 at 01:40
Worked for neilson last year great banter everyone who works there gels well as a team not often do you find anyone being left or pushed out of the team. Great employers decent rates of pay, if you work hard can earn good commison and bonus.

Posted By: BobBob
Date Posted: 07 May 2016 at 09:05
I've worked for Neilson for years now.They are a fantastic company to work for. They have a very high rate of returners each year. They will help you as much as possible and love to see newbies grow and do a great job. 

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