Backpackers, hostels and ski season lets

Hostels are everywhere and it is usually possible to find one located right in the centre of a city, or very close to areas that interest you. Hostels are a brilliant place to meet fellow travellers. All types and ages of people stay in hostels, and there are usually communal areas where people hang out – where it is easy to get talking and strike up conversations.

You are likely to find a few people who will be travelling on in your direction, who may even be keen to travel together.We would advise that you book your hostel in advance, especially during peak holidays or a festival season. If you can’t book in advance, try to turn up early in the morning to give yourself time to find an alternative hostel. It is a good idea to at least book somewhere for the first night of your trip, or visit to a new city or country. You’ll have the security of knowing where you will be staying when you arrive, and won’t be such a target for touts at airports and stations.

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