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Take one of Smaller Earths work and travel in Australia programs for the ultimate Australian adventure which requires far more than just a fleeting visit. Gaining insight into why ‘the land down under’ continues to attract visitors from around the globe requires time, money and a hunger for travel. Organisations like Small Earth provide various opportunities for wanderers to earn their way around this vast country that is home to a stunning array of wildlife and scenic wonders for periods of up to 12 months.

There can be few better ways of appreciating Australia’s magnificent landscape and the warmth and hospitality of its people than by living and working in the great Australian outback. Small Earth programs provide for a week’s training in all aspects of ranch life, while being accommodated by a family and getting acquainted with fellow travellers from all corners of the globe. It is a chance to gain an authentic outback experience while developing ranching skills like tractor driving and cattle rounding that will be impressive additions to any CV. The training also guarantees employment on one of hundreds of farms at a competitive rate of pay. With food and accommodation being part of the package, saving can begin in earnest to finance further expeditions.

Being given access to a live national jobs database is part of the Small Earth commitment to providing young travellers with ample opportunity to finance their discovery of Australian national treasures. Exploring The Great Barrier Reef will be an awe-inspiring adventure that leaves indelible impressions of nature’s incredible bounty. Stunning beaches provide warm cushions of powdery sand on which to lay and reflect on this country’s amazing biodiversity.

Travellers based in Sydney can cruise its renowned harbour; spend time being enchanted by dolphins, or enjoy a close encounter with a kangaroo. There is also the city’s vibrant night life that must be experienced and all this while taking advantage of a thriving economy that provides ample job opportunities. Constant support from Small Earth in every aspect of this adventure removes any stress and uncertainty and allows the freedom to indulge fully in another culture and grow as a result.


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