Australia's West Coast

Starting in Perth, a chilled-out, leafy city with plenty on offer for the working-holiday maker, most people work their way up the coast slowly, taking in the stunning scenery and gorgeous beaches as they go.  From the eerie stillness of the Pinnacles Desert, to the daily dolphin feeding in Monkey Mia and the endless snorkelling opportunities at Shark Bay and Corel Bay, the coast offers a quiet retreat from the East’s packed high-rise resorts and surf beaches.

Further up the coast you hit Broome and eventually Darwin; although these towns aren’t necessarily on the average traveller’s radar, they are well worth a visit. For anyone on a working holiday who fancies working somewhere a bit different, these places are ideal.

On BUNAC’s Work Australia programme you can go anywhere in Australia. Most people stick to the East, but there is nothing to stop you venturing further afield and getting off the beaten track. The West Coast, Broome and Darwin are ideal for such an adventure!

West Coast

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