Chase from Castle Mountain. Instructor of the year 16/17

"What I enjoyed most....

Well where do I start, I have so many great memories. When I first got to Cypress I was so excited to be on the mountain, all I wanted to do is hit the runs. As our training started, I was excited and nervous to get out there and teach. I took everything in like a sponge, so when it came time to teach a lesson with students I just let it happen! My favorite experience had to be teaching the youngest students their first steps on the snow. The energy level is so high and the kids are so smart at such a young age. When you’re in your lesson or close to the end, you can look back and see how much they have progressed. It's very rewarding!


My inside advice...

If you have an adventurous spirit or are a little bit curious about a winter season, do the internship with EA! You're outside every day with some of the best scenery in the world and people from all corners of the globe are your coworkers and friends!

I had no idea I was in the running for the Cypress Rookie of the year award. I went into this winter season to leave with something gained. I knew my ability to snowboard was my biggest improvement, but I was surprised to see how much I took to teaching a class. My time with students was a learning experience for us both. Helping them improve their confidence in (sometimes) an intimidating environment and making sure everyone including myself is enjoying the snow. (Even in the not so nice weather) My plan when heading to Cypress was to have a good time, which I did!"


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