Brad in China

 Alright, it has officially been two weeks since I touched down in the wondrous land of China, and man has it been a ride! I am living in bustling Beijing with a wonderful family with three bright and hilarious children. Naturally, not ever experienced living in China, the culture has been, how do they say, a shock? However, I am in luck because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has been more than hospitable to poor old me.

 I really only have the U.S. and a couple countries in Europe to compare this to, but the common person is so nice here! I have gotten numerous compliments about my work and my appearance (which is always nice) and if I need directions or appear totally lost in translation, no one seems impatient or unwilling to help me. Quite the contrary, actually. I feel like almost a celebrity here, with the compliments and even the excitement of my presence as a foreigner. Also Early Bird Au Pair has been a very reliable guide for these first rocky weeks. They really know how to take care of their people! Inevitably I am briefly overwhelmed with homesickness, as well as the occasional frustration with the language barrier. I was prepared to face some hardships, so I have not been caught off guard, but to the readers, let me warn you that unless you have visited China before, it is going to be very strange and possibly intimidating to you. I am still in somewhat of a shock phase, but coming from someone that is currently experiencing the full force of culture shock and communication setbacks, it is absolutely worth it. I am afraid that when I arrive home after my trip, I will be homesick for China. 


Thank you for those that have taken the time to read my blog, and let this passage be nothing but a motivator for visiting and/or living in the Land of Nine Domaines. I would also like to add that I couldn't have had such a successful transition to Beijing if it weren't for Early Bird. Contacting Early Bird Au Pair is the first step to getting over here and starting a new adventure!


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