Volunteering at the Amazon Animal Shelter

Can you imagine working in the jungle? Where it is hot and sometimes rainy? Can you imagine working with a monkey on your shoulder? Can you imagine working with a machete in the jungle with ants and other wild animals? Can you imagine showing tourists around in Spanish, English and sometimes German? Can you imagine living really basic (e.g cold shower)? Then it is the best project you can choose!We worked there for about three weeks and it was the best time we had. Working with the “wild” animals was a great experience. They are not really wild, because they are all used to people and so they come to you and join you. Our daily work was preparing food for the animals, twice a day - in the morning and the afternoon, this takes a lot of time. Then the work depends on what is needed, most of the time after preparing the food we guided tourists through the project.

The work is hard work, but at the end of the day, you can see what you’ve done and it is always something for the animals so it is good work.

The local people and especially the project leader and his family are the nicest people you can imagine. They want you to feel at home and that everything is alright.


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