My experience as a volunteer in Thailand with Smaller Earth

Three days of my English teaching experience has been spent at an English camp in the beautiful surroundings of Khao Sok National Park. Four of us joined the gibbons, tapirs, praying mantises, butterflies and bats in the rainforest for what has certainly been one of the top highlights of my time here in Thailand.

After arriving and settling into our wooden bungalows by a raging river we were introduced to the children we would be teaching. Altogether we played some icebreakers and had dinner. The four of us were then able to explore the park a bit before joining back up with some the Thai staff which was a great opportunity to learn more about the Thai culture. The following day we woke to the sounds of the rainforest creatures and the river flowing beside us. It really was a fantastic way to start the day teaching! The English lessons we taught were centered on the flora and fauna of the National Park, including its vast biodiversity and the importance of conserving our rainforests as well as the outdoor activities available to do there. The children were aged 10/11 years old and were all very eager to learn and have fun which helped make the camp a great success.

In the evening after a full day of teaching in between the heavy downfalls of rain we organized a few games of duck, duck, goose and hokey cokey which went down very well with the children (and us!) The children then put on some plays which they had rehearsed that day for us. Some groups had incorporated some of the content of our lessons into their plays making the whole experience even more rewarding.

Later in the evening we were able to relax with some of the staff again and we even got to meet the Mayor of Phuket – quite a way to end the day in the rainforest!On the last day of camp a ceremony was held with the Mayor who awarded the children with certificates and thanked us for teaching the children.Teaching at the English camp in Khao Sok was not only an experience of a life time but an adventure I will certainly never forget.

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