Koh Tao, tropical island life

Have you ever been to a destination thinking you would never want to leave again? Well Koh Tao certainly is like that. Many people come here to do just one week of diving and end up staying for 3 months. Or longer.

After a long bus journey from Bangkok you get on a boat...no idea where you will end up and too tired to care. But then suddenly after 1 hour on a catamaran boat you see this small island getting bigger and you think to yourself.... This can not be true, this is to good to be true.


Sitting on the deck of the boat, sun in your face, wind in your hair an paradise in sight.


Koh Tao is a small island just over 21 sq kilometers and is full of lush tropical rain forest. the coast line has many little bars that look like nothing during the day but in the night the place looks like a first class club... This is the magic of the lantern and candles the Thai decorate the beaches with.

During the day the island is very active. The first dive boats head out around 7 in the morning, The Muay Thai running classes head out at 7:30, at 10 the first yoga session of the day start and it is not before 8 in the evening people get back from their night dive.


What a place, and what a live. We can not exactly explain why, but you just fall in love with the place.

Is it because of the friendly and relaxed people who live her, a mix of Thai people and westerners?

Is it because there is a law you have to love: Buildings may not be higher than the highest coconut tree? is is because of the great fresh food they serve here?

Or is it the weather?

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Koh Tao

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