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Cruise Ship

The Cruise Ship industry offers a wide range of jobs and can be financially attractive. A job on a cruise ship also enables you to travel around the world. Cruise ships are basically floating hotels. So job vacancies are similar to a big 5 star hotel, holiday park or fancy resort. Renewable 4 to 6 month contracts for cleaners, chefs, catering and bar staff, hospitality and front of house type roles are the norm. More than ever, there are vacancies for ex-casino staff, health and fitness instructors, beauty therapists and specialist childcare workers.

  • Cruise ships: operate mostly on routes that return passengers to their originating port.
  • Ocean liners and ferries: transport passengers from one point to another.
  • River cruise ships: operate holidays on inland waterways.

The jobs available on cruise ships are very similar to those on offer in the summer jobs industry and bring the same challenges. Being on a boat most of the time adds to these challenges somewhat. Cruise ship clients can be demanding and you will need to be 100% committed to providing total passenger satisfaction. Living and working away from home for a long period of time is tough enough when there is usually an airport nearby, being on a boat makes it harder to bail out.

What you really do need to be careful of are all the scams on the internet based on you paying a registration fee for a list of cruise ship jobs, or even a ‘guaranteed job on a cruise ship’. More often than not these are bogus and you should thoroughly research the company before you use them; certainly before you part with any cash! Common advice is never top part with money in order to apply for a job whatever you do.

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Beauty and Spa Positions

Beauty and Spa Positions

Latest Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship Youth Staff

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Yacht Master Instructor

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