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From crewing Super Yachts through to Yacht delivery and Yachting instructor jobs you will find it covered in this new section.

There are many seasonal jobs on yachts that can open the door to a whole new career for the right candidates. The industry pays relatively well (with excellent tax breaks) and offers the chance of global travel.

All crew need to have the STCW95 qualification, it’s a bit like doing a food hygiene certificate before you work in a kitchen. It is not cheap at around £900 but unless you have this ticket you stand little chance of securing a yacht crew job. The initial outlay is more than compensated for by the lifestyle and wages that yacht crew enjoy. If for example you are a chef, you could go and get a great job in a ski resort but you will earn less and the job will more than likely finish come the end of the season. With the equivalent yacht crew job you will earn more for a longer period of time.

Chefs are always in demand in all sectors, the yachting industry is no different. Engineers also are always very much in demand but you will need further qualifications in addition to the STCW95. Click here for more on water based courses.

At entry level, jobs include deckhands, stewards and kitchen staff. Chefs and assistant engineers earn a bit more, then as you move through the ranks you are looking at jobs such as bo'sun, third, second and first officers and Captains – one day maybe!

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